Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Fabo New Site

As pathetic as I have been with my scrapbook completion as of late, it's funny that I should happen upon this delightful new site: The Scrapbook Review. It looks to be very down-to-earth, and it keeps me hopeful for that fateful day coming up when I will no longer receive Simple Scrapbooks {sniff, wimper}.

Their launch takes place during the first week of March. Check out the cool blinkie on the right. Also, go and check out ways that you could win some free stuff. That's always a good time, yes?

Just a cardmaker, you say? I have gathered a good amount of ideas for my cards from scrapbookers. Same idea, smaller "canvas." I also use a good deal of my cardmaking "skills" when I scrap. Do not fear the merging of the two worlds.

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