Saturday, February 14, 2009

Design Your Life - Color

I loved Cathy's discussion of color. Colors are probably my least favorite part of a layout, or at least they were before. Cathy gives a really good overview of the use of color. One of the things she paraphrases from Stacy Julian. It's an analogy of how to use three colors in a sketch. One color is your gallon, one color is your quart, and one gallon is your pint (or cup... I can't recall that last one). Anyway, it gives you an idea of how to use three main colors throughout a sketch. Also, Cathy suggested to look at your pictures and find common colors. Once you have found four, try to narrow it to the three you like best, and go from there.

As I wandered through my photos, I happened upon Ignatius' First Holy Communion pictures. What a dapper dude. It was his first experience with a full suit, and he looked adorable, all 8 years old of him. Since he and his dad were in black suits, I decided on black as one of my colors (8 1/2 x 11 piece in the background). That was my "gallon."

Then, since there was green in my dress and green in my fake ficus, hues of green were an obvious second pick. At first I tried solid-colored cardstock. I was then inspired to take a peek through my patterned paper. Lo and behold! Manchester DSP from SU! was a perfect fit. That was my quart. The argyle threw in an additional color: sand/kraft. Since that color is in the walls in two of the photos, I took it as a sign. I used Kraft for my journaling and important info. That was my pint. For the title, I decided upon Thickers (hide your shock!) Sweater felt stickers. Not sure that the color goes 100%, but I am OK with that. My OCD is allowing it tonight.

It cracks me up to see how short Ignatius was. Four brief years, and *poof*, he's practically taller than Scott now. Sigh.

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Karen Kelly said...

Of course you know I love the Thickers. Great looking page!