Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Insane Departure

Well, hello. Yes, craft enthusiasts, I have been gone, but not far. I have been... reading. If you are interested in hearing more on that part of my life, click here.

I am getting "behinder and behinder" in my Design Your Life class, but I am still keeping a pace, which is much better than I did before the class. This layout is Cathy's first sketch for the topic of space. I must say, I admire great use of space, and I usually OD on putting stuff where there really can be nothing on a page. For this layout, Cathy suggests the use of wide borders as appealing in design. I think I made mine a little narrower than she intended, but I toyed nonetheless. I used some black Bazill bling... love that stuff. I also distressed some Heidi Swapp chipboard letters for my title. How freaky cool are the red Rain Dots, eh? On a page about a vampire book. EEwww. Neato.

I reclaimed some SEI paper from the Keepsakes line (brooch) from Max, as he seems to attach himself to some of my patterned paper. Bad Mommy. I know. But I love the paper, and I thought it was perfect.

Cathy suggested that we do an "everyday photo essay," using something in our everyday lives. Well, since these stinking Twilight books have been in my EVERYday life, I figured I would go for it. She, too, did a page about the books for last week's sketches, so I had that on the brain. I decided to photograph one of my favorite pages in Eclipse, when Edward "officially" proposes to Bella. I also photographed the type of books that usually occupy my mind, a page from New Moon where the chapter is one word long... November... (trust me, there's good reason for that), and a side shot of Breaking Dawn, all 756 pages, and a clue as to how much I read of it just last night and this afternoon.
I know there's a bit of a glare to my shot... tried to scan, but there were too many words and patterns to try to Photoshop together. Maybe Santa will bring me a 12 x 12 scanner... Anyway, this is an actual photo of my page. Hope it's clear enough. Now, off to read, I mean, bed.

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Ann said...

Love it, you OCD girl, you. ;)