Friday, May 15, 2015

"I am too busy living life"

These words flow from some individuals when the conversation of scrapbooking comes up.  Have you ever been the recipient?  It is usually received with a bit of a guilt sting, as if one were wasting life while archiving it.  

I have always adored photos and photo albums.  It was a favorite thing for me to go to the server where we kept our albums and pour through them.  When visiting my grandmother, I would pick up her familiar mini albums and browse.  To me, this art is never a waste if someone will enjoy looking through them now or in the future.  

As I prepare for my son's graduation, I am actually using the scrapbooks I have made as part of my "decorating."  (I will share pics in a future post) If guests wish to look through the scrapbooks, that's awesome.  I have too many times talked about being "behind" in my scrapbooking.  Tonight, I decided to bury that complaint.  I have plenty of archived moments.  There are many pages that I love.  And this is the perfect time for me to allow others to enjoy.

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