Monday, August 5, 2013

Project Life Week 17: Disney

I think Project Life in a Picture of the Day format forced me to archive our Disney trip far sooner than I would "normally" have done.  I use a variety of page protectors and picture sizes for the several pages of this layout.  Throughout most of the trip, I shared pictures via Instagram and Facebook.  I just love that little app!

I purchased some Disney digital cards from Etsy, but tried not to overuse them.  I also used a great deal of washi tape for journaling, as I wanted photos to take precedence this week.  Whenever I could, I used "artifacts" from the actual trip.

Loved using the 4 x 12 page protectors for Instagram shots.

How the 4 x 12s fit in to the overall layout.

 Also used some 8.5 x 11 page protectors.

Used the Ali Edwards Hello Story journaling cards with the boys and me.  Max drew a picture of a storm that included some VERY close lightning!

It was quite hard not to add some additional embellishments, but I wanted to stay pure to the pictures as much as I possibly could and not allow the other stuff to get in the way of the story they tell.  Took all pics (except Space Mountain...we bought the digital download of that) with my iPhone.  i took my Nikon, but did not use it.  Just too cumbersome.

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