Friday, July 23, 2010

MISA's last hop and S-A-S

Yesterday, I got to do one of my favorite things: go to my amiga, Karen's, house and participate in Stamp-A-Stack.  She provides the designs, the papers, the adhesive, the atmosphere, I provide $$ and my wonderful disposition, and I walk away with my crafty juices revived and with 10 cards (2 of 5 designs).

You have heard me say before that she's a busy gal, and updating her blog has not been high on her priority list (and with good reason), therefore, I present to you her five designs from our time together.  I don't have specs, but I do know that she used sets and papers from the new SU! catalog.

And now for something completely different...well, maybe only partially different, but then I would not be able to use one of my favorite Python lines...

The last two persons being awarded the title Most Influential Scrapbooker by Ella Publishing.  I have to say, I had not heard of Shimelle Laine, but now that I have, WHEW!  She is a stitch!  I spent a long time on her blog, as she hyperlinked her giveaway post with many worthwhile detours.  I'm definitely going to start following her!  FUN-NY!  She also does quite a bit of business with online workshops, so I may have to check one or two of them out.  If you're hemming and hawing, just watch her video about why she scrapbooks.  I swear, it will be worth a few minutes.

And last, but without a doubt NOT least, a person whose Simple Scrapbooks magazine led me into a whole different stratosphere of belief in what I could do as an archiver of events, the brilliant Stacy Julian.  A list without Stacy would be like a list without Becky Higgins.  {Oh wait!  Yep, that was totally planned.  I am a little miffed about BH's absence on this list.  I cannot lie.}  In all seriousness, Stacy went from Simple Scrapbooks to Big Picture Scrapbooking, which are both responsible for my stalker-level appreciation for Cathy Zielske and many a scrapbook page for my posterity.  Thank you, Stacy.

She has some pretty stinking cool stuff on her post, but the coolest of them all is this>>>
Seriously.  It says "admission is free."  See why she rocks?  Yup.

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