Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Hop Madness!

First, a blog-o-versary!  Congrats to Ann Cox, whose Creative Antics blog has kept us entertained for two years running.  Love her Clean and Simple cards!  She's having a giveaway, so take a stroll on over and leave her some good wishes while you're there browsing through her wide variety of cards.

Second, the MISA Blog Tour Continues!  Yesterday, the two highlighted scrapbookers were Noell Hyman and Jenni Bowlin.  I had not heard of Noell before, and I must say, she has a LOT out there in cyber-scrapland.  It's worth it to take a nice walk through her blog, and get to know her business, Paperclipping.  Is there really anyone in the world of crafting who doesn't know Jenni Bowlin?  Vintage with a capital "V."  In my scrapbooking yesterday, on Max's graduation page, that little BINGO card with the word GROW on it?  Yep, that's Jenni.  She was a little late updating her blog yesterday due to travel, so her giveaways are still going until Thursday.  Noell has chosen her winners and has posted them on her blog.

Third, today's superstar scrapbookers: Jessica Sprague and Maggie Holmes.  You might remember Jessica from this little ol' blog last summer.  I took a free class of hers...I didn't finish because life got in the way,  Yes, you read that right.  It was free, and she's not going to boot me off because it takes me a year to finish everything I do lately.  Yes, she's listed as one of my favorite peeps to the right as well.  She does FABULOUS online tutorials, and she is reasonable in what she charges for her digital media.  Stop by her blog, and she even offers a coupon for $5!  And, for those attending the CHA Vendor Summer Supershow July 30 in Rosemont, IL, she has a code for $$ off registration for that!

I am sure I have seen products from Maggie Holmes, but I am a blank as to what they were.  She mentions having layouts in Creating Keepsakes, so you know I have seen them at one point or another.  Apparently from her blog, she is very knowledgeable in the area of photography, so I sure should get cozy with that blog!  And, lo and behold, she has autism links on her site.  So she loves someone with autism spectrum disorder, too!  I'll be diving a bit more into her areas of interest, but for now, hop on over to her blog and make a comment for a chance to win!

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