Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last weekend, I mounted my "create" definition in my craft room, and Scott and I mounted the Thoughts & Prayers tree from Stampin' Up! in the dining room. We have been hemming and hawing about what sentiment should go with it. Today I took several plunges. First, I had never cut vinyl lettering with my Cricut. Let me tell you, it was like buttah. It was so easy I want to use it on cards and scrapbooks. Seriously. I also had not yet used my Jasmine cartridge for the Cricut. What a pretty script!

I cut out "Peace" at the 5 1/2 dial size, and I took "to all who enter here" to the 2 dial size. I used Provo Craft's vinyl and transfer tape. They say you can hang it without the transfer tape, but that would have been a recipe for disaster with this script. You have to line up the letters once you cut them out, and the transfer tape was indispensable in that task (as was my hubby's level app on his iPhone).

I really like this very much. When you enter my home, it greets you on my dining room wall.

Now, what else needs some vinyl...?

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AM said...

Hey, I saw an ad for a cricut on TV last night. I said, "JoLynn needs one of those." Seriously, what was I thinking? Nice stuff! Maybe I'll see it in person one day.