Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ode to a Great Magazine

Alas, my final issue of Simple Scrapbooks came in the mail this week. I have a whole lotta love for that magazine. It was one of the reasons I found that I could, indeed, scrapbook without it being a major production, and I would still feel that I had accomplished something. It was the way I learned that quick, mini-scrapbooks make great gifts and allow for a fast record of the moment.

From what I gleaned, the mothership, Creating Keepsakes, will be absorbing Simple Scrapbooks. Kind of like a mag within a mag. I am glad they aren't forgetting those of us who looked forward to our issues month after month. Also, it sounded like there just wasn't enough advertising money to go around. I completely understand that in this economy.

So, I send a big thanks to Stacy Julian, Cathy Zielske, Wendy Smedly, Angie Lucas, and the rest of the gang. They will be missed! However, their blogs (liked to their names) live on! Plus it sounds like they will be keeping their little portion of cyber space on the CK site.

The week of April 27-May 1, they will be having a blog bash. There are 17 blogs that you can go to to share memories and experiences with SS and enter to win prizes. Here are the sites:

{Plus, the four editors' sites listed above.}

If you haven't grabbed the final issue, do. If you are a stamper and/or cardmaker, there are tons of ideas in SS that I have crossed over into my cardmaking, particularly regarding simple design and layouts.

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