Wednesday, August 20, 2008


OK, I am going to ramble.

I have no card today. Mainly, it has been one crazy, hectic week. School is starting, and on Friday I found out that I would have a classroom position - fourth grade. I had been planning for a reading interventionist job with K-2 until Friday evening. I am THRILLED for the fourth grade position, but this week has been absolutely NUTS. The children will come tomorrow, ready or not. I am ready to meet them. They are so much smaller than the sixth graders I taught for 8 years.

I am sad to see summer go. I really adore fall, but this summer was different. This summer was my goal. After my leave of absence last winter, when I returned at the end of February, summer vaca was the light at the end of my tunnel. I knew I could make it to summer.

Now, that beacon is losing its radiance. School begins again for us all. May I keep the same perspective that I had at the end of last year! My family and my health need to be top priority.

I will try. Cardmaking was my one daily therapy. I am hoping that it will come back in full swing. I will try my best.


Karen Kelly said...

Well, that wasn't too bad of a ramble :-) Enjoy your first day with the little kiddos tomorrow!!

Bev said...

Best Wishes to you as your school year starts. Hope things go as you have planned. My youngest daughter teaches middle school history and she started the 14th with the students, of course she had meetings and getting her classroom ready the week prior. They added an extra teacher so her classes are down to a good size this year which made her happy. Hope you find time and energy for cardmaking!

Bev J. (Maxell on SCS)

Ann said...

I totally know how you feel, friend. Good luck with this school year. Remember to take time to craft. Add alcohol as necessary. :)

Joan said...

Hope you had fun on your first day. I've taught grade 4 here outside Edmonton for the past 4 years (grade 5 before that). This year I'm only teaching music (grades 1-6) at two different schools. I'm pumped and almost ready. We don't start classes until Sept 2. This spring I managed to come home and do the splitcoast challenge each day - I'm hoping that will continue into this fall. Good luck to you!!!!