Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lawn Fawn On the Mend

Alas, a recovery card was needed for a friend in the last part of her pregnancy.  Not really a "get well" moment, so I thought "speedy recovery" would work best.  Those who have been pregnant know that blood pressure does what it wants to do, and there's no "getting well" about it.  You just have to wait it out and hope your body behaves itself to incubate that little one properly.

I used Lawn Fawn's On the Mend, which is becoming quite a go to stamp set for me.  As simple as this card looks, there was much ripping and cutting.  Sometimes one can try too hard for a card to look clean and simple, yes?  That turtle, for example, was cut out not once, but twice.  I would love to say I did it to add dimension, but that would be a lie.  :)  Needed a bit more "pop" so I added the yellow and green dot things (I never know what to call them).

In all, good fun and the creative part of my brain is happy.  Here's to a safe two months for my friend.

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