Thursday, November 22, 2012

Page Deux

Cranked out a second page, which was much simpler in style than my Rick Springfield page. I find stickers to be a very helpful way to quickly wrap up a page. For this page, I wanted to capture the idea of motion, as the photos of Max finally taking off on a two-wheeler were full of wonderful blur. Hence the chevron background and word stickers from Simple Stories. I have had the First Bike sticker from Sticko for what seems like forever.

What you probably should realize: this is a "first" that not all parents of children with autism get. In fact, Son #1 took until age 13 to ride a two-wheeler. So Max riding one now is a HUGE deal for us, as it is for any parent, I am sure. We bask in our amazing luck with this one, and his persistence paying off.

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