Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes, it is I!

I know, I am like a monk lately as far as crafting goes.  I have been doing dribs and drabs here and there.  But I enjoyed this craft very much, and I thought I would share.  It all started with my Secret Santa.  I loved getting someone I knew well, however, the challenge became that I had to hold back on the "crafty," as she would immediately know it was I.  I held back until today, when I gave her a gift card in a snow cap cardholder.  When she saw me at lunch, she made a comment that perhaps her Secret Santa was someone she knew who was crafty.  I had been found out!  Well, at least it was almost the last day. :)

She mentioned she liked "fun" pens, and you would think that, being the holidays, I could find "fun" pens.  Not so.  I had made beaded pens before with microbeads.  Having left my stash of beads in my classroom, I moved to plan B...Bella's Baubles.  The pen I used is more purple than it looks in the photos.  You take a fun pen (I used a gel pen) and wrap it in super sticky double-sided tape,  Then start adding the baubles.  It's best to let it "cure" at least a night.

I hope she'll like it.  It's accompanied by a Jimmy John's gift card, some pretzel M & Ms and some Butterfinger bells.  Ah, the holidays!

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Ann said...

I love secret Santa, but I HATE that I can't do crafty stuff...although a few co-workers have suggested that I do their wrappings, etc. next year, so maybe that would throw mine off the trail? :D