Sunday, August 22, 2010

New School Year

It's been one hectic August, to say the very least.  Ignatius started eighth grade on Friday, with a little dash of high school Algebra on Thursday, and Max starts Kindergarten tomorrow.

I made this card 2x, once for Max's general education teacher, and one for his special education teacher.  The Knight is an image from his elementary's website... he's their mascot.  I loved the "Teachers Rule!" play on words with the School for Changito set.  The inside of the cards used SU! Smile Some More set.  The card also included a Borders gift card with a "learning" theme.  The card uses the school colors (for those of you thinking, "Wow, look how JoLynn has come a little out of her color neighborhood.").  Only when forced do I use an orange base. :)  The blue is, I believe, Blue Bayou, or at least that's the ink I used.

Deep breathing.  I am so much more nervous than Max even knows he should be.  Hope it's for the best.  Starting Kindergarten is stressful enough without a disability.  Just gotta go with God...

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