Saturday, May 23, 2009

Martha Stewart... I love you, you jailbird.

OK, so I finally bought the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter at Michael's. I love circles, and I hate having a million circle punches to get a nice looking circle. I started with a Fiskars circle cutter (right) years ago, but it has a part for the center of the circle that touches your paper or picture. If I was using pictures I had printed on my printer, they would get marred by this. Also, the blades were tiny and sometimes hard to change.

So, then I bought (left) the Cutter Bee/EK Success (after purchasing several punches from EK Success and Stampin' Up!). Apparently, JoLynn needed an IEP to work it. Just couldn't get it rockin', and it required a glass plate (sold separately) to cut at its best.

Enter, Martha... she was my last hope! Truthfully, and without sarcasm, I knew that, if Martha Stewart produced it, it would probably be high quality. Well, for $14, I FINALLY found a circle cutter that will work for me. Here's a video (that showed me some things I didn't realize!). Please note that I took it out of the package and started using it without needing any sort of aid... three perfect circles right off the bat. It's a good thing. :)

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